Don’t Let Your PR Go Down the ‘Summer Slide!’

GillespieHall PR Summer Slide

Summertime and the livin’ is easy —  School’s out. Vacation is on the way. Time to kick back and take a break, right?  Not quite. Your public relations and social media can never truly rest. Don’t let them go down the infamous ‘summer slide.’

Teachers refer to the summer slide as what happens to their students once school’s out: Homework ends. Reading slows down. TV time picks up. The brain turns to mush.

The same impact could be said for businesses that ‘take the summer off’ when it comes to their marketing strategies. Don’t let your communication outreach slide. Instead, use the summertime as the season to regroup and gain a new perspective on how successful your marketing strategies are working.

Here’s our take on a summer marketing ‘to do’ list:

Life Guard Duty –  Is your crisis communications plan up to date? Appoint a ‘lifeguard’ of sorts – a colleague who can review the current plan. What needs to be updated? Deleted?  Don’t have a plan? Now’s the time to develop one.

Take A Road Trip – Visit your competitors. Check out their storefront, their webpage, their products and services. How do they meet and greet customers? What are their strengths? How can your company learn from what they’re doing right?

Grab A Picnic Lunch – Treat your staff to lunch outdoors. There’s something about nature that brings people together for great conversation. And if you’re lucky, those interesting talks will lead to an impromptu brainstorming session.

Suit Up! – (We don’t mean grab your swimsuit.) Put on your summer business suit and attend a networking event… New clients, colleagues and customers could be right around the corner.

Whether it’s maintaining a positive image, strengthening your brand awareness or keeping your customers in the know with fresh social media posts, be sure the only slide you’re on this summer is the one at the local park!

GillespieHall will never let you slide out of control. Contact us to learn about our services. We’ll have popsicles waiting for you.

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