Discovery And Why It Is Critical To A PR Campaign

Discover your brand through the authentic voice of your stakeholders

Discovery is the tool we use to identify who you are as an organization, who your audiences are, how you are perceived by all audience segments, how your product/service is valued, the strength of your brand and the barriers to your company’s success.

It is how we get to know you.

Goals of Discovery

  1. Define your goals and objectives – what needs to be done and why?
  2. Dive into market characteristics and trends –  are you still relevant?
  3. Evaluate your digital footprint – a full online audit tells a very detailed story
  4. Perform a full content audit  –  is the message you are disseminating across all conduits consistent? Does it resonate?
  5. Complete a competitor analysis – who is beating you at your own game and how?
  6. Audience and influencer analysis – who are we talking to? Why do they care?
  7. Overall perception of the organization – media, public, stakeholders?

What’s Next?

Discovery delivers a set of truths and insights that inform the marketing and public relations strategy. We create a document that becomes our project guide and keeps us firmly on track:

  1. A fresh core value proposition – what makes you different?
  2. Audiences rule – what they want to hear and where they need to hear it
  3. Key insights to brand issues and barriers – remedial recommendations
  4. Mapping the PR strategy, key messaging and metrics

What could we discover about your company?

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