Digital Trends For 2014

2013 has been rich in new developments that will continue to change the landscape of social media and PR in 2014. GillespieHall has predicted the top 6 trends for you to be prepared and stay ahead of the curve.

1. Search

Search is changing. It is becoming conversational, personal, mobile. This means more opportunities to find your customers — but it also means new features and a steep learning curve to go with them.

It is not enough anymore to publish your website and load it with keywords. You now have to carefully curate your ads, add specific actions, and load your website with actual value.

2. Mobile Optimization

It may seem unbelievable, but almost two-thirds of cell phone owners use their phone to go online — and more than a third of those access the internet mostly from their phones! And those numbers are rising at an incredible rate.

What does it mean for you? Your must optimize your website and content for mobile to regain that missing web traffic… and a critical segment of your customer base!

3. Targeting

Targeting becomes more complex, but it will help you to pinpoint your customers. Detailed location data, user interests, and user-based tracking now define content targeting.

From Google rolling back browser cookies and offering Incognito mode for browsing, to Facebook expanding its interest targeting features, to Twitter collecting user data for accurate targeting, you must learn and incorporate the new ways of targeting the right audience — fast.

4. Integration

Integration across the platforms is the definite trend of 2014. New technology will keep a record of your interactions, to keep the most relevant information for you and improve consumer experience.

Your device will tell you the time of your favorite shows, the songs that played in them or even where to buy a coat the actress was wearing. SMART-TVs connect via Wi-Fi with any digital device in the area, so your content (like ads) will appear on different screens simultaneously.

This will increase not only the number of people seeing your content but also the impact of it. It is a new technology that is tested and adopted by the big guys already, now it is your turn to make profits.

Remember the big word engagement? Integration brings us a way to finally measure it and see the real-life results.

5. Content Personalization

The advantage and disadvantage of social media for business is that it is user-oriented. You must stop mass-producing a generic message, and start creating high-quality content that is natural and related to user interests.

While it may be more costly than you thought, it’s still significantly more cost-effective than traditional media. Social media provides real-time, 24/7 access to consumers and offers a wide range of targeting options.

Social media is the only realm that allows you to develop and maintain “personal” connections with your customer base. And that’s what consumers already expect from you.

6. Analytics & ROI

This year there will be increasing demand that you trace all PR and social media efforts back to actual business results. The major social media platforms are stepping up their analytics tools so you can track the success of your marketing efforts.

The challenge now is to decide which metrics to use and how to analyze them. It is critical to calculate the impact of your PR and social media tactics on your bottom line. Outstanding PR and social media experts in 2014 will be the ones who can effectively prove the value of their offerings.

The new year will change the way you market. Pay attention to the trends mentioned above to keep your business at the top of everyone’s minds and news feeds. Happy marketing in 2014!

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