Are You “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” On Social Media?

How often are you posting messages on your Facebook or Instagram account? Every week? Every day? Every hour?

How much is too much?

How do you know if your messages are really resonating with your customers or audience?

When you post just for posting’s sake, you become something akin to ‘the boy who cried wolf.’ People may stop and read your content a few times, but if there’s nothing relevant, new or different about it, then there’s a good chance folks will just keep scrolling, and you will lose them. Forever.

When you run a business or an organization, there’s nothing more important than repeat customers. And these days, keeping your online customer base happy is becoming as critical as keeping your walk-in customers satisfied, if not more so. Why? Because a good social media campaign can spread like a wildfire and attract more clients. But a poor campaign, or lack of one altogether, can be a detriment to your business or organization.

Are you “the boy who cried wolf” on social media? Ask yourself these questions:

What and why am I posting?

When you read your friends’ posts on Facebook, do you find yourself skipping over certain friends or completely ignoring them because it’s the same type of message over and over again? You know it’s bad if you start clicking “Hide This Post” or “Unfollow This Person.” And have you ever been surprised to find out through the grapevine that something major has happened in their lives, and you didn’t know because you don’t see their posts? That’s a perfect example of social media’s “boy who cried wolf.” The same theory holds true for a business account. Don’t annoy your customers by posting on a whim.

How often do I need to post on social media?

This is like asking, “How long should a love letter be?” It depends on many different factors, like who your customers are and the type of business you’re running. Some topics and businesses lend themselves to more frequent posting than others.

Who is ‘liking’ or ‘sharing’ your posts?

Is it your customers? Your employees? Your competitors? Your mom? If it’s not who you wanted to be talking to, ask yourself why you aren’t attracting the people that really matter to your business. Why use your resources communicating with the wrong people?

A good posting strategy will keep your customers’ interest to continue following you. So whatever you do, don’t post just to post — or you may find yourself saying “There really was a wolf here! I wonder why the villagers didn’t listen?”

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