Content strategy: Let’s chat about content that starts conversations…

Think for a minute about your content strategy. And then think about what kind of content gets people talking.

So, now consider the last conversation you had…

Did it go something like this?

“Good morning, fellow co-worker. It is a splendid morning, is it not? Ah, how brightly the sun doth shine. Please do tell me how you spent your weekend. Ah, you frolicked in the woods with your progeny?”


“Hey Bob, how’s it goin’? Not bad out today, eh? ‘Bout time we saw the frickin’ sun. Yeah. So, what’d you do this weekend? Oh yeah? Hiked with your kids? Nice.”

And I’m guessing you picked the second one, right?

About conversational content…

Yep, conversations connect us human beings. And content marketing connects you to your customers. So, content that sounds like a two-way conversation gets people in your audience to engage. I know you get it. But, most importantly, the real question is: “Errr… How can you do that? Exactly?

Content Strategy Advice:

Get personal. Talk about those things that only you and your customer know a lot about. And don’t forget the details, because they matter… really truly matter… when it comes to getting personal.

Keep it in context. So, tell me again… why are you having this conversation? Because this ties into your content strategy. If you give your content a context, you give people a clue as to how they should respond. Think about that now, because it’s the best way to get the conversation started.

Write to one person… not many. Remember this when it comes to content strategy: “You can’t reach anyone when you’re trying to reach everyone.” Why? Because generic just doesn’t cut it. Therefore, instead of writing, “Thank you to all who have taken the opportunity to write a review for our product;” Try, “Many thanks for your review! Much appreciated.”

Keep it simple. You’re not writing a doctoral thesis. So, perhaps most importantly, keep your content short, sweet, and to the point.

Also, don’t forget to…

Use contractions. Forget what you learned in middle school English class. Contractions you’re your content casual. When you’re talking to a friend, you don’t say: “Let us go to get a drink.” You’d say: “Let’s get a drink?” You get the idea.

Ask questions. Quit taking about yourself, already… Nobody really cares! When you think content strategy, think about this… would you rather have a conversation with somebody who talks about themselves the whole time or somebody who asks you some questions? I know the answer. Enough said.

Use abbreviations. Have you heard of an rsvp? Good, me too. So, don’t bother writing out: repondez s’il vous plait. Because you’re not even French, girl!

Be present. I’m not talking about mindfulness, silly. What I mean is that you shouldn’t use the passive voice. What the heck is that? It’s a grammatical term that refers to sentences like this: “A bad day was had by all.” As opposed to sentences like this (which are sooo much better): “Everyone had a bad day.”

Remember… variety’s the spice of life. And that goes for most things, including your content. Because if you only talk about one thing and one thing only, you’re going to bore your audience. This is key to an effective content strategy.

Use your voice. When you think about a conversation you’ve had with someone, you hear that person’s voice, no? Well, the same should hold true when people read your content. Your voice should linger and make an impression.

So, content… good content at least… sounds like a casual conversation between you and your audience. And now is always the right time to get that conversation going. So take this advice and start talking!

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