Wellness And Work: Staying On Our Game

By taking care of ourselves, we stay at our best as people, for our teammates, our clients and our own well-being.

Is Wellness a Business Responsibility?

Increasingly, businesses are expected to care for their employees’ health. Weight Watchers changed its name to WW, to focus more on healthy habits for families. Thought leaders are taking on the topic: Richard Branson cautions against burnout; Arianna Huffington has started a sleep revolution.

The healthcare landscape has undergone significant change over the last decade, and preventive care has taken higher priority. Socially, workers have new priorities: they value quality of life more and more.

Workers who aren’t well can’t work well. More importantly, it is our responsibility as people to take care of ourselves.

How GillespieHall Does Wellness

How do we ensure that our minds are getting both the stimulation and the rest they need so we can be productive and on our game every day?

We each take time during the week to nourish our bodies and our souls — And that week looks very different for each of us.

Physical exercise is important to us. Some of us run, row or swim to increase our endorphins and reduce stress. Others play team sports or take exercise classes, to add a social element. A recent study found that playing team sports can reduce depression.

We unwind by listening to our favorite music, playing the piano, doing yoga or cooking a new recipe. Even playing Tetris can ease stress! And we love our happy lights to increase focus and feelings of wellbeing.

We expand our horizons by traveling, reading, taking classes and meeting new people. Continual learning helps us make new connections, staying creative and mentally sharp.

Keeping in shape and combating stress is a style choice – much like how we create copy, rejuvenate websites, or handle crisis communication for our clients.

We find that doing what comes naturally and what we enjoy seems to bring out the finest in our writing, designing and strategizing. But the end goal is always the same: Staying healthy and well.


We updated this post since its first publication in February 2018.

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