Company Meetings: Take a Stand, Not a Seat

Another new year. Another chance to keep those resolutions. We have a simple one for your business that will be easy to keep – and a straight-up power move for your company too: Standing meetings.

We don’t mean a regularly scheduled weekly or monthly meeting. We mean physically standing as you meet. Yes, it’s the norm to sit, and at first you might find yourself leaning on a chair or shifting your weight around. Stick with The Stand! The benefits are many.

Sitting can lead to longer meetings and distracted workers. So, break out of the usual routine, and try standing as you discuss the tasks at hand. The results could be small, but could make all the difference in energizing your work routine.

At GillespieHall, our daily meetings have been stand-only for over a year. We can categorically state that a vertical stance will enable you to:

1. Stay More Focused. Standing forces you to stay on your toes – not literally, of course, unless you work at the ballet − but mentally. We tend to be a little sharper and more alert when we’re standing.

2. Hold Shorter, More Effective Meetings. When everyone is standing, discussions are kept to a minimum. They are still effective, but the small talk tends to subside, leading to shorter meetings and ones that end on time vs. a meeting that lingers because team members are comfortable in their chairs.

3. Improved Posture. Stronger Core. More Energy. If you’re looking for scientific evidence that standing meetings are good for you, it’s out there. Standing keeps your blood flowing and doesn’t make you tired. Let’s face it – the more drawn out the meeting, the less energetic one can be. (We recently starting using curling weights as we stand − literally! − to build our strength and our commitment to more effective meetings.

A standing meeting may take some getting used to, but once you’ve held one, you may find you’re one leg up on your competition.

Looking for ways to improve your business standing, without having to stand? Contact GillespieHall today.


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