Communicating the Client Vision

Using creativity and insight to tell your story.

As you look through all your sources of news, social media and entertainment, take a moment to think about those things that make you pay attention. If you’re scrolling on your phone, what makes you stop at an ad and make a purchase?

Often, it’s simple elements like colorful graphics; a well-crafted call to action; short, bold text and enticing visuals where you see yourself represented. These are all components designed explicitly to capture the attention of specific audiences and move them along the “customer journey.”

Canny agencies have adapted to audiences’ shift in priorities, short attention spans, and demand for authenticity. Today’s customers demand that the brands they support are transparent about their social responsibilities, ideals, motivations, methods and production. Our job is to make sure those brand values are evident in our creative work.

The Creative Process Starts with Listening

At GillespieHall, we are very intentional about Discovery. We are super excited to learn as much about our new clients as possible.  Onboarding starts with a lot of listening. Through a structured information gathering process we listen and learn. We want to know about your vision and goals. What was, and what is next, and why customers love you. We discover and unearth the “real” you and take on that voice.

Our detailed discovery process informs our next step – the creative strategy. Who are we talking to, what do they need to hear and why? As a team, we seek out concepts that will promote change  and apply them visually and narratively across multiple platforms.

Expect the Unexpected

Being agile is an essential characteristic for any agency  to serve clients well. All the planning in the world cannot anticipate a billboard being totally obscured by a downed tree, or a key influencer and the star of a visual campaign being publicly arrested, or gorgeous new apartment complex we’re promoting burning to the ground. In all these cases, we swiftly change gears, develop a new plan and execute.

Education on Both Sides

We work in an intensely creative environment and we recognize we could do a better job of educating our clients about our process. Crafting a new tagline or designing a new LinkedIn banner all requires imagination and a thorough understanding of digital marketing – but do our clients know that? What does SEO have to do with a tagline?

As an agency, it’s our job to provide services that communicate the client’s vision, and whether it’s through educating ourselves or the client, we use creativity, agility and quick thinking to make that happen. Contact us about your business goals and let’s work together on bringing your vision to life.

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