Is Your CEO Naughty or Nice When It Comes to Social Media?

What do you get for the CEO who has everything? It’s the age-old question during the holiday season. (Well, not really, but just go with it.)

We have some gift ideas when it comes to the busy, driven leader. How do you know if your CEO made the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list? Nice: They embrace and fully comprehend the impact a good online public relations strategy can have on business success.  Naughty: They stubbornly resist investing in a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

If your CEO is headed towards the ‘no gifts for you!’ you can help steer the gift-laden sleigh in the right direction.  Here’s how you can help them, by ‘gifting’ them what’s effective – and awesome – about social media and PR:

No More Stick Figures

Give your boss the gift of great-looking messaging with impact! Eye-catching images and designs in social media content strengthens your brand… and makes browsers stop and share your content. Great design work that actually changes consumer behavior will knock their socks off.

You Talking to Me??!

Who’s looking at your online pages? What are their comments? Or worse yet, why aren’t you hearing from them at all? Knowing your audiences and understanding their decision-making processes is the first step to cultivating the leads and sales all CEOs are looking for.

Not Such a Long Way to the Top

Let your CEO know how much you care by taking the reins on your Google search results. It’s not just about popping up at the top of page 1. The goal is to create a strong network of valuable content for your audiences. Make it clear through every communication that you are solving their problems, and you’ve found the best thing to offer your CEO: loyalty.

Staying Five Steps Ahead

Does your company have a crisis prevention and management plan in place? Does everyone know their role if the you-know-what hits the fan? If not, this may be the best gift you can give your CEO. Every company deals with a crisis at some point – so you can save everyone a lot of pain by preparing for it when everything is calm and bright.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere!

We know you’ve got a great boss, but are they making the most of their connection and building a network? A powerful, cohesive and well-managed executive profile is a must-have for leadership in your company.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Monitor, listen and respond to users. Simulate the voice of your business and use carefully researched and prepared online messaging to answer questions, provide information, or correct inaccuracies.

Go Ahead, Make Their Day

The success of any business depends on bringing customers and clients in the door – and keeping them there. Good leaders work hard every day to grow the organization, but they can’t do it on their own. You can contribute to your own growth by creating and managing a strategy to reach new audiences and build lifelong loyalty… And the ROI will be the best gift your CEO could hope for.

We refreshed and republished this post (originally from December 2016). After all, your company still needs a marketing plan…

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