Celebrating World Emoji Day!

Emoji History

The first emoji appeared around 1999, and was created in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita. As part of a team working on a mobile Internet platform, he based his first 180 emoji on the expressions of people around him and other observations in the city. Today, there are more than 1,851 emoji.

Our World Emoji Day Message to you:

❤ emoji? Happy World Emoji Day ! Writing with them is a piece of ! Any can use them from their or while at or , or from a ✈, or . Whether we are ☺, or , emoji are fun to use and are in social media. to the inventor! If emoji could only create ☮ in the …

Translation of World Emoji Day Message:

Love emoji? Happy World Emoji Day! Writing with them is a cake walk! Any man, woman or child can use them from their mobile phone or computer at work or home, or from a plane, train or car. Whether we are happy, sad or afraid, emoji are fun to use and are key in social media. Thumbs up to the inventor! If emoji could only create world peace… Yay!

Your Personal Emoji

Why not celebrate World Emoji Day by creating your own emoji. There are two free image creation apps on iPhone:

  • Makemoji – this creation tool builds upon the basic shape or body of your emoji and adds detail with each layer. You then drag and resize each shape or change the color settings by tapping on the paint palette icon.
  • Emoji Me Face Maker – this free app lets you create animated face emoji by using any image you find on the web, or from one of your photo gallery images.

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