Let’s Celebrate #NationalHotDogDay!!! Wait a Minute… Really?

Yahoo! National Hot Dog Day has arrived…finally. So I know just what to post on our social media feeds. Tomorrow is National Moon Day, and Friday is National Junk Food Day… Perfect! Then for Saturday, I’m not sure, because it’s National Hammock Day and National Day of the Cowboy. Decisions, decisions….

Hold on a minute… Where does this person work?…  a Texas diner catering to astrologists and cowboys with a hammock lounge out back? That’s doubtful. And so, guess what?.. They should not post about all or even any of these national days of celebration on their organization’s social media platforms.

That said… how and when should you use posts about nationally recognized holidays and celebrations in your social media content? Here, some guidelines:

  • Post for your audience, not for yourself. So love popcorn, but you work for a hospital? Resist the urge to create a post announcing National Popcorn Day.
  • Establish links and associations between celebration-day content and your product, service or organizational philosophy. If you are selling wine, you might gain traction with a post about National Cheese Day, as many serve wine with cheese. But you shouldn’t post about National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day… not even as a ‘joke.’
  • Create a social media content calendar so that you don’t miss holidays and celebrations that relate to your product, service or organizational philosophy. Enough said.
  • Use holiday content, but not simply as filler. Make certain that any day of celebration that you recognize on your social media feeds works to complete your mission. Take a minute to think: Does saying ‘Happy Labor Day’ mean anything when you want your audience to purchase stilettos?
  • Think in terms of one or two degrees of separation (not six or seven) between national celebration days and what you are selling. You work for an auto insurance company, and you want to post about St. Patrick’s Day. That’s fine. The content can tie together green beer, drunk driving and a DUI’s impact on auto insurance. But a post to recognize Sweetest Day? That’s too much of a stretch.
  • Post about a relevant day of celebration on the actual day, not the day before or the day after.

We’ve all done it. In a scramble to fill our social media calendars, we sometimes resort to content about National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day or National Pet Fire Safety Day. But, let’s face it. Most of the time, these type of posts do not align strategically with our marketing plan. So they leave those who see them a little (or more than a little) confused. But if you follow the afore-mentioned guidelines, you will avoid some of the most hackneyed social post pitfalls.

Need help determining what your master social media calendar should include? Let GillespieHall guide your way. We’ll never let you post inappropriate ‘national’ days! Contact GillespieHall today!

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