Build Your Brand with a Holiday Card. Seriously.

The holidays bring extra things to our doorstep – packages, visitors, snow – and most of all, an onslaught of extra bulk in your mailbox… junk mail, invitations and holiday cards.

Junk mail can be fun, but usually ends up in the trash. But holiday cards have a fighting chance to grab the attention of your audiences.

We see influencers and audiences looking for ways to connect on a physical level again. 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Humans need to feel. To experience something genuinely personable. And print provides that yet again.

Here’s how you can make sure your holiday card stand out this year:

Visuals – The eyes have it

Elevate your piece with differing details like die-cut, metallics or raised text. Catch their eye before they even touch the card.

Texture – Let the fingers do the talking

Touch matters. Add textures that emulate wood or wool, fake fur or feathers. The card becomes harder to put down – and harder to forget. Connect your visual with the texture.

Personalization – The gift that keeps on giving

Your audiences are your brand ambassadors. Address them by name. Thank them for their support and inspire them with what’s next.

This year we have seen more personal mail and print communication than previous years. Invitations, appeals, pitches, thank you notes… Online sharing takes second place to the joy of a delivered greeting, beautifully designed and certainly spreading cheer. Tactile is back.

So – make the investment this year. Create holiday cards that represent your company, your core value, your brand.

GillespieHall’s team of stunning and experienced graphic designers and PR mavens will elevate your direct mailing campaigns and light a fire in your 2020 PR and Marketing plan! Contact us.

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