Blogging As A Tool To Expand Small Business

The first free blogging service was created in 1999. Since then, blogs have taken over the internet. Today you can find a blog about almost anything. Do you like Olivia Pope’s wardrobe? Want to learn how to make an exotic dish? Interested in 17th century history? Someone out there has written a blog about it.

People turn to blogs when looking for more information about their interests, so why not use blogging to reach people and grow your small business?

Here are some reasons a blog may be just what your company needs to grow to the next level:

Attracts people that matter to your business. Blogging drives traffic to your website. Writing about different and interesting topics that are relevant to your industry will draw the right people to your website. The right people are the ones who become your most devoted clients.

Allows you to share updates about your company. A blog is the perfect opportunity to deliver information to existing and potential clients. Want to share a story about your recent award, but not sure where it will fit on your site? A blog is the perfect space. You can brag about your recent achievement without it looking out of place mixed in with your original web copy.

Helps build strong relationships with clients. Business relationships are built on trust. And how is trust built? Through opening up to someone. Blogging is a great way for your clients (both new and old) to get to know you. Your blog will allow you to “let your guard down” and show your readers another side of your company. If your clients connect with what they read, they will visit the site more often to see if you posted any new information. This loyalty will inspire them to tell others about you and your business.

So even though a blog can be used for entertainment, don’t forget to use it as a tool to expand your business. A blog is a great way to introduce your business to a new audience, while enabling your current clients to learn more.

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