Beware Of Buzzwords

Beware of Buzzwords

Looking for social media advice? With social media consultants, specialists, and gurus popping up at every turn, it can be almost impossible to tell who actually knows what they are talking about. It is easy to assume that anyone who talks about creating company profiles and collecting likes, mentions, and repins understands social media and can make your business go viral… but you know what happens when we assume!

You need to make sure your consultant or specialist has the skill set and expertise to get the kinds of results you need. Look for evidence that they can back up their promises with real results. Here are some key points you should be looking for.

  1. ROI – Return on Investment. Keep your bottom line in mind. A good social media team uses the tools at hand to contribute back to your company’s growth. Look for proven returns on their clients’ investments in the past.
  2. Strategy. Every action you take in your business should be part of a strategy. Your online marketing is no exception. Anyone who puts buzzwords above strategy is selling you short.
  3. Personalization. Anyone can present impressive numbers and growth predictions. Without considering your product and your market, though, they cannot forecast the success or failure of your particular campaign.
  4. Analytics. Look for a social media agency that can use analytical tools to measure social media activity. You need someone who offers regular reports as part of their offering. Make sure they list numbers that mean something to you and to your company.
  5. Reputation management. Hire social media consultants who will manage your online reputation and marketing at the same time. A good team has a crisis prevention strategy, and can handle a crisis if one arises.

This Halloween, the social media team at GillespieHall is not worried about vampires and zombies. We are afraid that good companies will fall into the trap of “specialists” who promise results but do not know how to get them. The best marketing teams can back up their promises with proof!

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