The Best and Worst 2017 Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is over and you know what that means… Time to critique the commercials! At $5 million for 30 seconds, we were hoping they’d be engaging, funny, interesting, and/or make us feel something.

Here’s our take on a few… Do you agree with us?

What do our ratings mean?

 We really liked this commercial!
 We thought this commercial missed the mark!
 We thought this commercial had potential!


“What the Favre is Going On.” The classic ‘find out what happens next’ ad.  Brett Favre is at football practice session and seems to be having great difficulty tossing the football accurately. He wonders out loud whey he’s doing so badly, when a mysterious black car pulls up with two strange men inside. They say to Favre, “We’d like to talk.” The audience is left to ponder the ‘What the Favre is going on?” comment and then to “Hit the Button.” We’re betting this ad scores a touchdown with the number of hits to BWW’s website.


“Cleaner of Your Dreams.” Indeed. A new ‘Mr. Clean’ is introduced – a little buffer, with all the right moves. A housewife is having a great time watching him mop the floor and wash the shower door. In the last few seconds, Mr. Clean transforms into the housewife’s husband. She’s clearly delighted as she jumps to kiss him. The tagline is a victory cry for women everywhere: “You Gotta Love A Man Who Cleans.”


“Born the Hard Way” – This spot features the story of the Budweiser founder and his ambitious journey to America in pursuit of his dream: to brew the King of Beers. The founder is confronted by challenges and bullies along the way. As with all Bud ads, it has a happy ending: “When nothing stops your dream. This is the beer we drink.” Almost makes us forget Bud’s traditional (and beloved) Clydesdales and puppies…


“Taste the Rainbow.” The spot features a lovelorn suitor outside his girlfriend’s window. As he whispers her name, he tosses a Skittle at the window hoping to get her attention. He does… as well as her entire family and some unexpected guests. This one was a toss-up with us: Some thumbs up, others, thumbs down. Romance the Rainbow is the tag.


“Man vs. Machine.” What do you get when you combine movement artist Lil Buck, Sia, and Minnie Driver? A pretty intriguing commercial. Sia’s ‘Move Your Body’ soundtrack plays while Buck showcases ultra-flexible dance moves. Driver’s voice sets just the right tone for the delivery of, “Machines don’t have emotions. But the RAV View (at least we think that’s what she’s saying) can inspire them.” Her final call to “Experience Amazing” may have you wanting to make a trade-in. We’ll save you some time: The price starts at $92,975.


Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall doing his taxes. While he’s being ‘put together again,’ the community asks, “why was he was doing his taxes on a wall?” Humpty retorts: “Because you can.”  “Anywhere. Anytime.” is the tagline, but we think this spot falls flat. But again, maybe that’s better than leaving egg on your face. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

GillespieHall is not rooting for the Patriots or the Falcons in the 2017 Super Bowl. We will, however, always cheer for commercials that make us laugh, cry or visit a new website – because that’s what OUR game is. Every day.

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