Holiday Branding: How To Use It To Your Brand’s Advantage

October has rolled around and we are in full Fall mode. Or rather, full one-holiday-after-the-other mode: Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Holiday branding should be on your wish-list! Buckle up your treat bag, cornucopia and sleigh!

The holiday season takes over the social sphere every year. So, how can your business use three solid months of holiday heavy messaging to your advantage? Branding. Branding. Branding.

1. Strategy for Holiday Branding

What are the messages you want to share around the holiday season?

  • Outline a strategy ahead of time; not the day before the holiday hits (back to school ads start on July 4 and Christmas ads now start pre-Halloween).
  • Tell customers what you told them, and tell them again. Stay on message. Consistency helps people remember who you are and what you’re all about.
  • Keep both short and long-term goals in mind for every post, blog, press release, print or digital ad you create.

2. Holiday Storytelling

Quick! What was your favorite Halloween costume? Your most memorable Christmas present? People love to reminisce this time of year and remember ‘what things were like way back when’, or even a few years ago.

3. Don’t Get Lost in the Holiday Messaging Crowd

Do not go into the holiday season ‘brand-blind’. Your brand’s messaging will get lost in the holiday dominated chaos.

  • Tailor the holiday themed content to your brand. What is unique about your brand and how can you use that to push your goal? Whether that’s increasing website traffic, selling a particular product, or increasing brand awareness.
  • Brainstorm with your staff about how your brand can stand out among the countless jack-o-lanterns, turkeys, and bearded men in red and white suits. You DO have something different to offer, so shout it from the top of the nearest pumpkin, turkey or Christmas tree!

However your business plans on celebrating or recognizing the holidays, make sure a branding strategy is part of your plan. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, you’ll be ready to tackle 2018 head-on!

GillespieHall is a big fan of all things holiday-related. And we know how to help businesses make the most of each season — and each fiscal quarter. Contact GillespieHall today!

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