Be Mine, Media-tine: Creating Successful Relationships With The Media

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This blog post was written by Bobby S., a senior at the University of Delaware and a communications intern at GillespieHall.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, couples everywhere will celebrate their relationships. For some, it’s only been a few months. For others, it’s been years. Some will buy flowers, some will buy chocolates and some will go on expensive dates, all to declare their love.

But the most successful couples don’t just nurture their relationship on one day – they nurture it always.

Professionals that specialize in media relations must understand that they too are responsible for creating relationships, primarily with reporters and editors.  Here are some tips for successful relationship-building in media relations:

1. Get to know the reporters/editors who are relevant.

Just like in everyday relationships, media relations pros should get to know reporters and editors as much as possible. Read newspapers and publications to identify reporters to pitch to, read specific columns and determine a reporter’s specialization, and follow reporters on Twitter – it is a great place to make relationships. Retweet content from reporters to your followers.

2. Communicate newsworthiness.

The core of the word “news” is “new.” Media relations professionals first must understand that not everything is news and they must communicate newsworthy stories to journalists when news exists. It’s fine to say “I think your readers will find this interesting” or “this piece of news will affect your audience because…”

3. Provide reporters with as many resources as possible.

Make it easy for reporters to get access to documents, pictures and interviews with newsmakers. Part of a media relations strategy must include anticipating questions from a reporter as well as lining up individuals to speak on behalf of or about the organization.

If media relations professionals follow these simple tips, pitching will be much easier. The reporter will see that the PR professional put in time and effort to create a relationship, and mutual respect will form. After creating relationships, pitches become much more targeted and relevant.

Looking to foster relationships with the media? Contact GillespieHall. We can help you put together a comprehensive public relations and media strategy that will get you results.

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  • RS
    Posted at 08:40h, 01 February

    Excellent advice to anyone seeking to have success with press releases especially those people who do them only on the occasional basis.

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