Baseball – A Season of Canned Sound and Cutouts

We all know fans make a game. The boos and cheers are deafening. Nothing is quite as exhilarating as the communal gasp of 12,000 fans when a goal is missed. Without the fans, is sport an empty experience?

Team loyalty is tribal – we paint ourselves in our favorite team colors and squash into the arena stands, mass color-coding. The visual is fabulous and certainly gets the adrenaline going.

So now what?

No fans? No noise?

Do we have to adjust to lonely shouts echoing through the stadium, vacant seats staring back at us as our favorite warriors battle it out? Who is going to watch? Who is going to spend advertising dollars with no responsive, colorful, energized patriotic fans?

Baseball’s canned atmosphere: will taped crowd noise make a difference?

The solution to this vacuum of silence is adding targeted audio responses, adding familiarity and community to the experience, like the canned laughter we have all endured from sitcom replays.

Yup, we are talking piped-in fan noise.

The MLB has confirmed that they will use canned crowd sounds. Some teams plan on adding cutouts of fans to fill seats.

“Speaking to the crowd noise, it’s way better than having nothing in the stadium and just silence,” Justin Turner said recently, according to CBS Sports. “I enjoyed it. It gave me a little bit of adrenaline just having that noise and random cheers. Hopefully, it’s something that we have, and most stadiums have. Hopefully, everything moves in a direction where we can safely return to fans being able to watch us play again.”

Responding emotionally to pumped crowd noises and empty stadiums is just another adjustment we will all make to the COVID-19 disruption. We owe it to ourselves and our favorite teams.

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