Authentic Messages are Mined Through Relationships

With Us, PR is Personal

There’s a long-running gag in which one Hollywood-type says to the other, “Have your people call my people.” It’s making fun of those who consider themselves too important to be personally involved in business relationships. And those who are really important have layers of people who talk to people.

It reminds us how fortunate we are to be involved in each of our client relationships, and to have one-on-one interactions with their CEOs and other executives. With GillespieHall, it’s always personal. We don’t have layers of people; we have passionate account leads and highly skilled practice area experts.

As a small, independent agency, we bring our clients an award-winning experience in public relations, branding and marketing with an intimate approach that enables us to unearth deep client insights and to craft powerful, effective messaging.

Communication is a strategic partnership

Our global roster of clients appreciates this, and we’ve developed long-lasting partnerships. Our clients know that reputation and public relations are too important to cast off to “the people who do that sort of thing” with no involvement. They value our expertise and seek our counsel while engaging themselves in the process. They see communication as a strategic business partner, not just a support function. As a result, we don’t work for them – we work with them.

It’s not just good business; it’s good communication. Credit it to the web, social media and the Millennial influence, but expectations for communication are permanently changed. Trust must be earned. Consumers want brands to have personalities, and they want companies to act human. They demand authenticity, and they turn off to “corporate speak.”  

We cannot manufacture authenticity; it comes through relationships

We can craft a message, and design and implement the strategies to deliver that message – but we cannot manufacture authenticity. That comes from an organization’s leadership, and we mine it through personal relationships. Those personal relationships inform and inspire our work. They strengthen the trust clients have in us, which, in turn, strengthens or ability to build trust with their constituencies.

Our clients know we have a personal interest that goes beyond scope of work. They know they can call us anytime, and they do. It’s not unusual for our phones to ring evenings and weekends. We’ll take that any day over “have your people call my people.”

Co-authored by Bridget Paverd and Clara Mattucci

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