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A recent survey by CNBC of European business leaders shows that these leaders aren’t confident they are keeping up with the rate of technology change in their respective industries, despite the increasing use of smart phones, tablet computers and social media software and websites.

In fact, the survey shows that their confidence in keeping up with the rate of change is slipping; 45% of European business leaders are not confident they are keeping up with technology change in their respective industries, a 15% drop in confidence from 2010.

While confidence is slipping, use of social media devices and websites is increasing. The use of Twitter as a business and marketing tool has seen a rapid increase among users, nearly doubling in use to 61% up from 31% a year ago. The growing impact of social networking is reflected by 61% believing it has changed the way business is done, up from only a quarter in 2010.

CNBC also reports that “Facebook continues to be the favored network amongst social media users, although the number of senior executives with accounts has dropped off to 77% from 81% a year ago. LinkedIn has closed the gap on Facebook increasing in popularity to 56% up from 52%, whilst Twitter users have increased from 30% to 38% over the same period. 18% of execs are connected to all three.”

How are you and your organization coping with rate of technology change? Do you see the value of social media to your organization, but not the path forward in using it?

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