Adaptability & Togetherness: Interning During A Pandemic

Adaptability and Togetherness: Interning During A Pandemic

This internship didn’t go exactly as planned. The pandemic hit in my first month, and our whole office became virtual. What I missed not experiencing a vibrant PR agency office setting, I made up for learning about the value of remote teamwork and managing Zoom meetings.

The mighty ten.

One benefit of a tight-knit group of coworkers is that relationships tend to be deeper. We do thrive when we can bounce ideas off each other in person, but we also almost fit on one screen during video conference calls. Working remotely brings new challenges to everyone on the team, whether they have decades of experience in the field or in-depth knowledge of technology, are introverts or extroverts.

Go with the flow.

The key point I am taking away from this internship is the essentiality of adapting. You can never fully prepare for the future because no one knows exactly what will happen, but when you are prepped and ready to roll with the punches, you are much more situated to come out relatively intact on the other side.

I watched as the GillespieHall team responded to feedback, learned new programs, enacted new procedures and adopted different routines. We brought a critical eye to our situation and thought of new ways to approach the old problems. We were open to change. Having an office culture where people feel supported and inspired is a large piece of this, and the other not-so-secret ingredient? Communication. Don’t be afraid to reach out, follow up and wind down. Just keep everyone in the loop. It was a discipline.

Final thoughts (for now.)

As I was writing this, I realized I was using “our” and “we,” which may not be the most accurate pronouns now that my time is done. But I truly believe the collaboration will continue on. Eventually, the GH team will move back into the office. A new intern will be onboarded and the extra hanger on the coat rack in the break room will not be empty for long. Everyone who spends time at GH makes an impact, because you are encouraged to participate and share your opinion. And everyone leaves with lifelong lessons and an irreplaceable stepping stone into the next phase of their life.

To all my coworkers at GH, thank you. – Asha Swanson

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