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    What have we heard from our clients? “You really have our back.” Grow your business, strengthen your reputation and reach your goals through PR storytelling, email marketing, social media, blogs, podcasts, video and more. Powerful messaging starts here.

    Clients who contact us at their worst moment have grown 15% a year.

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  • Our clients come to us looking for change.

    Launching a new brand, program or service
    Entering a new market
    Accelerating growth
    Navigating a crisis
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    We’re proud to work with our clients

    Our Services

    Our full suite of reactive and proactive PR and marketing solutions has helped clients grow and flourish for more than 20 years.

    Public Relations

    As formidable and proven leaders in strategic PR, we discover your story and then tell it with creativity, passion and targeted messaging.

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    Digital & Social Media Marketing

    As social media marketing pioneers, we’ll help you leverage the essential digital and social media platforms to help you realize your digital potential.

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    Crisis Management

    In a crisis, we provide swift, knowledgeable guidance through potentially devastating situations. With 20 years’ experience in crisis management, we’re the authorities!

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    Media Relations

    Our full, cohesive media management services will recommend, devise and manage your comprehensive media plan and placements across all platforms.

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    Conflict Resolution

    Led by behaviorist and partner Clara Mattucci, the trained GH team can help manage disputes and guide all parties to an equitable outcome.

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    Website Design & Management

    GillespieHall helps you create, utilize and manage your website to position it as a welcoming introduction to your brand.

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    Personal and Corporate

    Business or individual, GillespieHall will find your core value proposition and create a fitting visual or executive brand.

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    Early Advantage Strategies

    Getting you ahead of projects so we prepare the community for a smooth project deployment, we put your brand or issue in a positive spotlight, securing community buy-in for new projects, products or public engagement initiatives.

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    What keeps clients coming back?

    Consistent success! We change how people think about things – from chemistry to medical cannabis, real estate development to commercial printing, smoking cessation to stuttering.

    Not sure where to start?

    You love the idea of growth. You’re excited about change. Imagine setting out toward your goals with the strong strategic communication support of GillespieHall. Take our short survey and we’ll help you define your needs – and how to get there.

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    Hiring a PR Firm?
    What you should know

    What outcomes can I expect from a PR campaign? How do I measure success of a PR campaign?
    What problem needs to be solved – what outcome are you hoping for? It’s important that you provide a clear articulation of what you, the prospective client, are looking for from the PR company and what results you expect. How do you define success as an organization? A PR firm will always start off with benchmark metrics and then measure growth and change monthly using qualitative and quantitative data.
    What kind of services do I need?
    • Internal or external communications
    • Crisis and reputation management
    • Press releases
    • Content creation and social media management
    • Community outreach and relationship building
    • Nonprofit PR/cause-related PR
    • Product/service launch
    • Event
    How much does PR cost?
    It’s always helpful to have an idea of how much you can spend on PR before reaching out to an agency. Most reputable, results-first PR firms like GH work on a monthly retainer, which gives clients dedicated resources, priority status and access to senior PR counsel. Budgets are also available for short-term projects. Let’s get to work!

    Most companies spend 10-15% of their annual budget on PR and Marketing. It is a critical investment for growth.

    How long is a PR contract?
    Most PR projects span a 6- to 24-month period; many campaigns go on for several years. It’s common for PR firms to become an integral part of the client’s operating team and budget, and these relationships can last for many years. Some of our client relationships have been in place for more than a decade.
    If we hire a PR firm, how soon can we start seeing results?
    Results are influenced by budget and depend on your goals. If you hire GillespieHall, you will feel the impact right away. Many clients start seeing results as soon as one month.