60 National Awards in 5 Years: What That Means For Our Clients

At GillespieHall, we are passionate about what we do. And we do it well enough to have earned over 60 industry awards in the past five years for excellence in Public Relations, MarketingSocial Media, Web Development, Branding, and Print Advertising.

Great for us but what does that mean for our clients?

Our award wins are a direct consequence of our commitment to exemplary client results. A beautiful website that doesn’t grow online community is not award-worthy. A clever blog that isn’t shared is not award-worthy. Neither is a Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook campaign that gets no engagement. We don’t have those problems, and it’s nice to be recognized for the hard work we put into every communication product.

Here are some recent examples:

“Our mission is to keep our clients visible and flourishing,” says Bridget Paverd, founding partner at GillespieHall. “We build community growth and loyalty through storytelling that is hard to ignore. We strengthen brands, and increase client ROI. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve and to challenge ourselves, which is why we enter these highly competitive contests.”

To stay laser-sharp and relevant, we believe it’s imperative to have our work evaluated by industry professionals, peers and critics on a regular basis.  We want to be measured against the thousands of other agencies also producing outstanding work to learn how we can do better.

Although we are grateful to the award industry judges for their feedback, critiques and recognition of our work, our greatest reward is creating end-results that surpass our clients’ expectations. And to be quite honest, displaying our awards in our boardroom makes for a constant reminder of how good we can be and how good we MUST be for our clients.

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