5 Roadblocks To Social Media Marketing Success

Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing opportunities for business, and you get it. While other business owners were deciding whether social marketing was worth the effort or not, you seized the opportunity and found a great marketing firm to drive up your sales and your return on investment.

Your chosen marketing firm came up with a strategy and you agreed on the plan of action. Time went by and your results turned out to be better than you anticipated.

Or maybe the results did not soar as high as expected. If you think your campaign underperformed, you are faced with a question: what can you do to maximize your social marketing performance and your ROI?

The best way to go about it is to find all the roadblocks and remove them as fast as possible. Let’s see where roadblocks usually hide:

  1. Business goals. A good marketing firm aligns its goals with specific business goals. So, before you start any collaboration, think about your business goals. Be as specific as possible. “Drive sales” or “increase brand awareness” will not cut it. Be more precise: if you want to improve sales, decide by how much, in what region and in what time period you want to do it. If your business goals are not clear or are too vague, the campaign will have no chance of achieving your desired results.
  2. Communication. Social media works in real time and that puts a big emphasis on effective communication. If information does not make its way to your marketing firm efficiently, the obstacles must be removed to create a well-organized pipeline for transferring important information from business to marketer and back. Effective communication elevates the value of your brand.
  3. Shortcuts. While shortcuts in some instances provide faster results, in other cases they delay or even worsen the outcomes. Shortcuts can be financial (“we can pay for this, but not for that”), strategic (“we support this idea, but we don’t believe in this one”), and managerial (“we want to make one person to do ten people’s jobs and expect the same results”). Shortcuts are a slippery slope, and you, as a good and wise business owner, must stay away from them.
  4. Control and trust. You did your due diligence and found that brilliant firm you trust to do PR and social media marketing for you. But then you start to worry that something might go wrong. And you’re right! It might. But it is not productive to try to control every movement and decision-making of each employee. Strategizing and analyzing are two very expensive skills. Trust your decision to hire that social marketing firm and let it elevate you and your business.
  5. Timeliness. Time can play for you or against you. Establish time expectations ahead of time and stick to them. Delivering on time is essential to any business, including yours. In some situations, a single day can make your business seem hopelessly irrelevant. It is important to recognize the difference and stick to the agreed-upon time frames.

It is never too late to improve and get the most out of your social marketing. To maximize return on investment and make your marketing cost-effective, you must get rid of all possible roadblocks. It may be easier said than done, but recognizing an issue is a big step toward resolving it.

We hope our advice will help you make your business and marketing more effective and successful.

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