There are the storytellers… Now meet the storymakers.

It’s 2022. Our approach to work and how we consume information has altered.

We recognize the significant changes in audience segmentation, the challenges of fragmented attention, media biases, and the ‘fog’ so many consumers are navigating.

GH strategies penetrate and transcend these obstacles. We deliver brand security and guidance through purposeful PR tactics and digital communication.

Storytelling. Internal and external email blasts. Podcasts. Social media messaging. Video.

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Our PR Grows Businesses.

Call us: 302-234-9500

Our PR Grows Businesses.

Call us: 302-234-9500
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Welcome to GillespieHall

We’re award-winning leaders in strategic public relations, branding and marketing.

Based in Delaware and Philadelphia, GillespieHall (GH) is a firm of agile, behavior-led communication specialists across several business disciplines: PR, Marketing, Social Media, Crisis Communication, Branding and Behaviorism.

What sets GillespieHall apart

It’s our rigorous discovery process that sets us apart and gives our clients a competitive edge. This approach unearths valuable and often unexpected insights. GH then finely tailors powerful messaging to steer your brand’s conversation.

While discovery is at the heart of every project – from PR and marketing, to brand positioning, social media management and crisis communication – GH’s persuasive storytelling is key to driving behavior change.

Whether you’re a private or public corporation, a professional group or a non-profit organization, GillespieHall will find your story, then tell it in strategic and inspiring ways that resonate with your audiences.

Simply put: Our business value is in helping you discover yours.

Simply put: Our business value is in helping you discover yours.

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