Public Relations


From media relations and campaign strategy to thought leadership and head-turning creative work, GH offers a suite of award-winning communication capabilities. 

And if you think PR is only for when you have a problem, think again. Strategically-managed PR can make money for you!

Strategic Planning

First, we discover. Then, we strategize. Finally, we execute a comprehensive plan that not only changes behavior but works as a competitive business tool that delivers the positive and measurable results you are looking for.


You need a competitive edge, and we know how to give it to you. We unlock the unique quality that sets you apart, and turn it into powerful messaging that flies above all the other competitive noise. Whether it lands in the Wall Street Journal or an influencer’s Twitter feed, it’s your brand story set free and it connects with your audience.

Media Relations

It’s about seeing the media and key influencers as storytelling partners, not adversaries. It’s about interacting and building relationships. It’s the irresistible angle, the quote that captivates the great interview. We teach you how to connect with reporters and others who will share your message with a broader audience.

Message Calibration

Preparation: no one does it better than GillespieHall. Whether you’re facing the local press, a network TV interview, testimony in a federal court, or the paparazzi at a grand opening event.

And with a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, there is no longer just one medium to be prepared for!  GH teaches you how to protect and promote your message by communicating across all platforms using a standard set of skills:

  • Nonverbal communication
  • Message content and delivery
  • Controlling the question

Public Relations

We use Traditional PR methods hand-in-hand with Digital PR components to effectively promote your business, share key messages with key audiences, and support perception and reputation management. This includes:

  • News Releases
  • Event Planning
  • Press Conferences
  • Speeches


Unforgettable. Remarkable. Timeless.
A great speech can leave its mark on history, in the board room, or in the community.

Having an audience walk away remembering your message, talking about it for weeks, months, or even years to come, is what every speaker should strive for. But without the right words, your message may never truly be heard – or remembered.

Writing a powerful, informative and entertaining (when appropriate) speech takes a certain kind of creativity and prose. And GillespieHall has it.

If your business or organization needs a motivating and memorable speech, GillespieHall delivers.

Creative Services

Compelling photography.  Eye-catching artwork. Image-based storytelling is the most powerful way to communicate your message. GillespieHall creates engaging and interactive visuals for all mediums – online, print, broadcast and video.

Video Services

Don’t just tell them, show them!

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine, after Google, with 800 million unique users per month. With so many people watching and engaging with videos daily, it’s not surprising that businesses are including video in their PR strategy.  Our award-winning team of writers, videographers, and sound engineers will produce the perfect video to show your story without the showy price tag.

GillespieHall approaches their publicity work in a way that turns it on its head, but only when necessary, and the team instinctively knows when it needs this. Smart thinking. Smart execution.” Heather Bowen, Creative Executive Director, Baker Street Agency

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