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Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing – Really?

In 1970s, Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman stated that “Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviors – not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society.” Nearly half a century later, that definition still stands.
Social marketing changes behaviors
Like traditional marketing, the main focus of social marketing should be on the end-user. Learn what people want or need, instead of convincing them to buy. Ongoing …

You must not lose faith in humanity.

Our Hearts Are Broken

This week, social media captured and shared the moments in Texas, Minnesota and Louisiana that broke our hearts.
Our monthly blogs are usually about the latest business trends or digital technology updates. With the events of this week, we’re having some difficulty with that topic. So this week, we ask that you look to your employees, vendors, customers and colleagues with appreciation. Relationships are what build us and support us in …

Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

As the end of the year closes in on us, many people are thinking about their new year’s resolutions. Things they want to change or get rid of altogether. But it’s also a good time to reflect. Reflect on accomplishments, lessons learned and skills gained.

Below are the top five GillespieHall blog posts of 2014 that really hit home with readers. Do you know the top five roadblocks that can potentially …

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The 2012 Summer Olympics…Or Is It The 2012 Social Media Olympics?

This blog post was written by Jamee S., a senior at Virginia Tech and a communications intern at GillespieHall.

What do you remember about the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing? Was it watching Michael Phelps make Olympic history by demolishing the world record for the number of gold medals won in a single Olympics games? Or was it watching USA’s Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson dominate women’s gymnastics by taking …

What does 2012 have in store for social media in public relations?

Yes, we know that the only thing more dangerous than making predictions is making predictions and then publishing them for everyone to read. But here we go anyway. GillespieHall expects social media to continue to grow in 2012 and, in particular, looks for growth from two fairly new players in the social media arena — Google+ and Instagram.

Facebook or Google+ in 2012? Or Both? For a lot of organizations in …

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