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"Scared Off" by Social Media Analytics?

“Scared Off” by Social Media Analytics?

Are you a fan of social media but aren’t quite sure why you need to know about ‘ROI’ or the analytics of your company’s Facebook page? Do you just want to worry about the message, but let someone else be concerned about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of a good social media plan? Fear no more! That’s where the right social media and marketing firm can be …

Mobile disruption and your business

Mobile Disruption and Your Business

In the world of digital marketing, things move fast. Like, really-really fast. And while trying to keep your eyes on the ball in the worlds of web, search, social and mobile, waiting for the next big shift to take place…you might not even notice it when it actually happens.

More importantly, how do these ‘disruptions’ affect your business?

Mobile as “Second Screen” is already old news

Let me ask you …

PR trends for 2016 - Old way - new way

Public Relations Trends for 2016

Change… an essential component of thriving industry. And, fortunately, public relations professionals will witness another year of unprecedented change in 2016. With the continued transformation of traditional media, development of online media outlets and rapid growth of social media, the PR industry grows more and more diverse.

That said… here are the top industry trends for 2016:

A picture is worth (at least) a thousand words. And today’s harried consumers truly value …

Marketing and social media ROI cartoon

Where is Marketing ROI?

ROI missing from his seat at the marketing table again? Shame. Maybe he got lost trying to measure impact and leads, or he stumbled looking for a way to show what percentage of those leads turn into actual sales or donations.

With marketers connecting social media to ROI, the results can be powerful. The digital landscape looks very different now than it did even a few years ago. It …

Why Your Company Should Love Social Media

Everyone has a passion for something (and some of us have more than others). Our passions include: supporting small business and community service organizations, strong PR responses, eye-catching ads, and analyzing data.

But at the top of our list is social media marketing. We want to shout our love for this medium from the rooftops! If you haven’t embraced social media marketing yet, here are 6 reasons you might want to reconsider.
1. …

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