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How Social Media Changed the Vacationing Game - GillespieHall

Best Social Media Tactics Travel Brands Use

Some common advice given to millennials? Save for retirement now, marry later, and travel more. Well, millennials are at least listening to one of those things: travel! Marketing, public relations and social media done right can change human behavior: how family and friends stay in touch, how companies market… and definitely how people travel.
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter long ago replaced the travel guidebooks and brochures that cluttered kitchen drawers. Instead, …

Instagram Stories For Business

How To Use Instagram Stories For Business

To encourage people to post and share more content on its platform, Instagram successfully launched Instagram Stories in August of last year. Today, we introduce you our Guide to Instagram Stories for Business to help you boost your performance and increase your ROI.

Why use Instagram Stories for business?

Instagram Stories lets users post photos and short videos that vanish after 24 hours. In the beginning, everyone saw Stories as a …

What does 2012 have in store for social media in public relations?

Yes, we know that the only thing more dangerous than making predictions is making predictions and then publishing them for everyone to read. But here we go anyway. GillespieHall expects social media to continue to grow in 2012 and, in particular, looks for growth from two fairly new players in the social media arena — Google+ and Instagram.

Facebook or Google+ in 2012? Or Both? For a lot of organizations in …

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