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GillespieHall Honored with 5 International MarCom Awards

GillespieHall Honored with 5 MarCom Awards

News that has nothing to do with the election!

GillespieHall was named as a five-time winner at the 2016 International MarCom Awards. The Hockessin-based PR and social media marketing firm specializes in health, nonprofit and corporate targeted messaging. “We understand behaviors and then change them,” says sociologist and VP of Operations, Clara Mattucci. “We always appreciate having our work recognized as the best of the best.” GillespieHall …

Don't Feed The Troll: NPR Decision To Remove Comments Is A Game-Changer

NPR Decision To Remove Comments Is A Game-Changer

National Public Radio (NPR) recently removed the comment section from its story pages. People will no longer be able to give feedback (good, bad, ugly, or troll-worthy) any longer.

This is a game-changer. And we like it.

Our approval of this move may seem counterintuitive to some, considering communication is the foundation of what we do. But unless that communication is productive, engaging, constructive or encouraging, then it doesn’t move …

Communication mistakes when sending emails

4 Email Blunders To Avoid

It sounds easy. Don’t send anything inappropriate in an email and you’ll be fine. But all too often, we hear about employees and even senior leaders oversharing in their emails, causing a huge crisis for their company or employer.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your business from yet another communication crisis. We review the four biggest blunders in email communication.
Hitting reply all
We are creatures of habit. If on a regular …

Does The Network Show “Scandal” Accurately Reflect PR Crisis Management? Yes. No. Maybe.

This blog post was written by Iasha W, a senior at Howard University and a communications intern at GillespieHall.

Crisis communication and management is one of the staple service offerings of GillespieHall. Says founding partner Bridget Paverd, “We see a crisis as a show-stopping, people-stopping, product-stopping, reputation-defining situation that creates victims or explosive visibility.”

Ideal fodder for a network TV hit. Enter ABC’s Scandal.

Beginning its third season soon, Scandal is ranked as …

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