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Should Your Business Be On Snapchat?

Should Your Business Be On Snapchat?

We get this question in almost every social media strategy meeting. Family businesses, accounting firms, nonprofit organizations, medical practices and tech companies – everyone is asking: Should we be using Snapchat to grow our business?

Snapchat F.A.Q.

Like most of the digital marketing world, the GillespieHall team has watched Snapchat’s growth carefully, and the many questions surrounding the app.

The platform’s growing user base has answered the question first asked in 2011 and …

Don't Feed The Troll: NPR Decision To Remove Comments Is A Game-Changer

NPR Decision To Remove Comments Is A Game-Changer

National Public Radio (NPR) recently removed the comment section from its story pages. People will no longer be able to give feedback (good, bad, ugly, or troll-worthy) any longer.

This is a game-changer. And we like it.

Our approval of this move may seem counterintuitive to some, considering communication is the foundation of what we do. But unless that communication is productive, engaging, constructive or encouraging, then it doesn’t move …

PR needs - to punt or to pass

Should You ‘Pass’ Or ‘Punt’ Your PR Needs?

It’s football season, and whether you love or hate the sport, one thing is for certain: every coach knows (or should know) when his team should pass or punt the ball in order to score a touchdown.

With a similar ‘coach’ instinct, how does a business leader know when it’s the right time – or the right ‘incident’ – to pass a company’s communication and social media strategy over to a …

Beware Of Buzzwords

Looking for social media advice? With social media consultants, specialists, and gurus popping up at every turn, it can be almost impossible to tell who actually knows what they are talking about. It is easy to assume that anyone who talks about creating company profiles and collecting likes, mentions, and repins understands social media and can make your business …

Improve your business writing by ‘unlearning’ your classroom lessons

A quick Google search of the words “business writing” returns more than 74 million results. If that isn’t a sign that many people are struggling with basic business communication, I don’t know what is.

Now, there’s someone to blame: all of your past English teachers.

Well, that’s not really the case. But this blog post, from, a financial and business communications website, uses advice that we all remember hearing …

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