How to keep your online visitors engaged

How To Keep Your Online Visitors Engaged

Most every organization these days has an online presence: a Facebook page, a Twitter account or more. If you don’t, you should be asking yourself why you’re ignoring something that one out of three young professionals considers as essential to daily life as air, food and water.

But simply having a presence on social networks isn’t enough. Once you let your customers or clients know that your Facebook page is up …

10 Changes to the Digital Landscape You Need To Know

10 Changes to the Digital Landscape You Need To Know

Everyone’s favorite social network turns thirteen, video gets a 90-degree rotation, and social media use just keeps rising. Right when we thought things were settling down…

Today, 10 things you need to know about how the digital landscape is changing.
1. Super Bowl Booms on Social Media
Facebook and Twitter users were 18% more active during the Super Bowl this year than a year ago – talking about Lady Gaga, the commercial …

  • Posted: February 13, 2017
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Which Super Bowl Ad Will Score Big With You?

The Best and Worst 2017 Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is over and you know what that means… Time to critique the commercials! At $5 million for 30 seconds, we were hoping they’d be engaging, funny, interesting, and/or make us feel something.

Here’s our take on a few… Do you agree with us?
What do our ratings mean?
 We really liked this commercial!
 We thought this commercial missed …

6 Tactics To Master The Power Of Persuasion

At GH our mantra is “We understand behaviors. And then change them.” How do we do this? We educate, inform, influence and persuade … The power of persuasion. Does it still work in this real-time, self-centric world?

I attended a monthly book club meeting, happy to have finished the reading in time. I was excited to discuss the book because I loved it. I expected everyone else would feel the …

Social Media's Power Over Politics

Social Media’s Power over Politics

No doubt about it – 2016 was an interesting year for politics to say the least. And not just because of who the contenders were for the White House but because of how social media played a significant role in getting the public to pay attention to the election process.

Score 1 for social media.
Memes vs. Platforms
Most of us probably paid more attention to politics this year because we …

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