Social Media's Power Over Politics

Social Media’s Power over Politics

No doubt about it – 2016 was an interesting year for politics to say the least. And not just because of who the contenders were for the White House but because of how social media played a significant role in getting the public to pay attention to the election process.

Score 1 for social media.
Memes vs. Platforms
Most of us probably paid more attention to politics this year because we …

These Trends Will Rule Your 2017 Marketing Plan

These Trends Will Rule Your 2017 Marketing Plan

Hello and welcome to the 76th Annual Hunger Ga-… Oh wait, wrong blog! It’s January 2017, which means all over the world, people are making New Year resolutions and planning how to make this year better than the last.

Every year, marketing forecasters tell us what we should expect in the New Year; what trends and developments marketers need to implement into their strategy to stay ahead of the competition …

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5 Tips To Launch A Great Social Media Campaign

You already know that you cannot be successful without being on Facebook and Twitter.

But where to start? How do you make sure that your efforts will be worth your money? How do you make sure your social media campaign is successful? Well, the first thing you should do is find a good social media firm. Second, …

Finding Moderation - Our Next Big Thing?

Finding Moderation – The Next Big Thing?

We’re a hardcore PR firm: our focus is on changing behaviors in ways that clearly benefit our audiences. We have taken on (even helping change laws!) such issues as tobacco-use, binge-drinking, under-age drinking, over-eating, sugar, and social media dependence.

The work we do as behavior-changing marketers is relevant, and everyone on the GillespieHall team is driven by the passion to improve lives and help our public make better choices.

But sometimes …

From Ugly to Genius: The Marketing of Christmas Sweaters

From Ugly to Genius: The Marketing of Christmas Sweaters

How can something so wrong be so right? That’s what we’re all thinking when it comes to the three most fun holiday words: Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Why are they making a comeback? And more importantly, what was the marketing strategy behind this crazy trend becoming a successful holiday tradition?

Every business could take a stitch or two of learning from the Ugly Sweater lesson:
The most sell-able product doesn’t have to be …

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