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What is Social Marketing – Really?

In 1970s, Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman stated that “Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviors – not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society.” Nearly half a century later, that definition still stands.
Social marketing changes behaviors
Like traditional marketing, the main focus of social marketing should be on the end-user. Learn what people want or need, instead of convincing them to buy. Ongoing …

How To Build - And Keep - A Client's Trust

How to Build – and Keep – A Client’s Trust

Trust. It’s the foundation of any relationship – personal or professional.

As a teenager, you trust your friends have your back.
As a parent, you trust your teens will be home by their curfew time.
As a supervisor, you trust your employees will meet their deadlines.

Break that trust? Lose friendships, privileges, jobs  – and any sense of accountablity and respect.

Trust may be hard to achieve, but once you have it, …

When It Comes To Great PR, Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

You can be lucky in love, or lucky enough to win a bet, but when it comes to good PR, never leave it up to luck.  With St. Patrick’s Day and the ‘luck of the Irish’ approaching, it got us thinking:  To have truly exceptional public relations, luck has nothing to do with it. But superior skills in branding, media outreach, crisis management, and social media, do.

Luck has nothing to …

Advertising is PAID-FOR. Publicity is PRAYED-FOR. ©

Publicity means making the media work for you. Advertising is PAID-FOR. Publicity is a PRAYED-FOR ©

Bridget Gillespie Paverd

GH’s Attention Grabbing Messaging Wins PR Firm Three 2017 National Service Industry Advertising Awards

GH’s Attention Grabbing Work Wins Three Service Industry Advertising Awards

Campaigns on 9/11 Remembrance, Financial Strategies and a Wellness App Garner GillespieHall National Recognition, their 70th Award in 5 Years.

Hockessin, Del. – “We are strategic story tellers,” says GillespieHall (GH) partner Bridget Paverd. “Our job is to share our clients’ narratives, enhance their relevance and strengthen their brand. And to do that consistently well, takes a dedicated team, like we have here at GH.”

GillespieHall’s submissions competed against 1,900 other …

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