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Why Cross-Generational Teams Use Social Media Better

Since 2006 when the GH social media department first started, digital platforms have come and gone; the landscape, from some angles, is nearly unrecognizable. One thing is certain: Social media has changed our perspective on communication and how we do business.

How can marketing teams stay relevant in this state of constant flux? Diverse, cross-generational teams anchor the constantly changing digital marketing landscape within the broader human context of storytelling …

Watch Solar Eclipse August 21

Solar Eclipse: Where To Watch and What To Learn

Are you ready to watch the sun hide behind the moon? Are you ready for total darkness for a few minutes? Well, to be able to see the total solar eclipse (when the sun is completely behind the moon, and it is dark) you need to be in certain locations.

Where are you going to watch total solar eclipse? Share with us in the comments below.
Where To Watch Total Solar Eclipse
On …

Barcelona Principles 2.0 is Key to PR Industry’s Growth and Relevance

Barcelona Principles 2.0 is Key to PR Industry’s Growth and Relevance

If Emotions Could Be Measured
If emotions, feelings, and creativity could be measured on a scale or in ROI terms, PR types would be one happy bunch. It’s the intangible reasons that typically inspire those in the marketing field to do what they do: create copy and images that make their clients or customers happy, sad, curious, fired up – whatever emotion may convince them to buy a product or service. …

Let’s Celebrate #NationalHotDogDay!!! Wait a Minute… Really?

Yahoo! National Hot Dog Day has arrived…finally. So I know just what to post on our social media feeds. Tomorrow is National Moon Day, and Friday is National Junk Food Day… Perfect! Then for Saturday, I’m not sure, because it’s National Hammock Day and National Day of the Cowboy. Decisions, decisions….

Hold on a minute… Where does this person work?…  a Texas diner catering to astrologists and cowboys with a hammock …

World Emoji Day

Celebrating World Emoji Day!

Emoji History
The first emoji appeared around 1999, and was created in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita. As part of a team working on a mobile Internet platform, he based his first 180 emoji on the expressions of people around him and other observations in the city. Today, there are more than 1,851 emoji.
Our World Emoji Day Message to you:
❤ emoji? Happy World Emoji Day 😄! Writing with them is a piece of 🎂! Any 👦 👧 👨 …

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