Staying Mentally Sharp To Keep Your Competitive Edge

Staying Mentally Sharp To Keep Your Competitive Edge


Walk. Read. Cook. Repeat?

More like …Brainstorm. Write. Edit. Repeat.

And breathe…

The Winter Olympics just wrapped up and it had us thinking about wellness and the competitive spirit: Not in terms of gold medals or record-breaking feats, but what we do for ourselves to ensure that our minds are getting both the stimulation and the rest they need so we can be productive and on our game every day.

We here at GillespieHall are a competitive bunch – not on the athletic field, perse, but in the marketing arena. We always want to best our competition! And that means keeping our minds sharp and our creative edges even sharper.

We each take time during the week to nourish our bodies and our souls — And that week looks very different for each of us:

Some of us run, play soccer, or swim to increase our endorphins, while others just unwind by listening to our favorite music, playing the piano, reading, or cooking a new recipe. Keeping in shape and combating stress is a style choice – much like how we create copy, rejuvenate websites, or handle crisis communication for our clients. 

We find that doing what comes naturally and what we enjoy seems to bring out the finest in our writing, designing and strategizing. But the end goal is always the same: Staying healthy helps keep our creative juices flowing and increases our productivity level. A win for us. A win for our clients. Everyone’s happy.

Here’s to the competitive spirit and to staying healthy and productive. Go Team Everyone!

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