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Tragedy can bring company culture change

Turning Tragedy into Goodwill: How Companies Can Influence Social Culture

Thoughts and prayers are wonderful. But they are never enough. And they do eventually begin to sound trite.

Tragedies, natural and manmade, are happening all too often in our world. Our first reaction is to share our good thoughts and for some, prayers, for those impacted, donations for those left with nothing. But there is something else we can do as well. There must be. We cannot stand by and think …

What’s Your ‘Waffle House Factor’ for a Crisis?

What’s Your ‘Waffle House Index?’

Do you have a Waffle House in your area? If not, do you know what your community’s crisis indicator is that danger may be looming? What about your business?

In the midst of a natural (or national) disaster, the Waffle House restaurant chain has become a crisis gauge for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It assesses the impact of natural disasters by measuring their interruption of multiple large national chains …

What Does Your Employee's Facebook Page Say About Your Company?

What Does Your Employee’s Facebook Page Say About Your Company?

In the era of digital technology, it is no longer a question of whether or not your employees use social media but about how they use it and whether it has the potential to benefit or hurt the company where they work.

On one hand, employees invest a huge chunk of their life at work. They want it to matter and enjoy sharing information about it. On the other, companies benefit …

Not Ready For Warren: A Crisis Case Study

“Gutless Leadership.” “Give back the money.” “You should resign!”

Clearly not ready for Elizabeth Warren’s candid style of highly-researched and fact-checked questions, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf not once took ownership of the actions of the $86 billion organization. Instead, he leaned on the same talking points time and again:

Cross-selling is shorthand for deepening relationships with clients.
My compensation is in our public filing.
The board will take care of …

Don't Feed The Troll: NPR Decision To Remove Comments Is A Game-Changer

NPR Decision To Remove Comments Is A Game-Changer

National Public Radio (NPR) recently removed the comment section from its story pages. People will no longer be able to give feedback (good, bad, ugly, or troll-worthy) any longer.

This is a game-changer. And we like it.

Our approval of this move may seem counterintuitive to some, considering communication is the foundation of what we do. But unless that communication is productive, engaging, constructive or encouraging, then it doesn’t move …

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