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Barcelona Principles 2.0 is Key to PR Industry’s Growth and Relevance

Barcelona Principles 2.0 is Key to PR Industry’s Growth and Relevance

If Emotions Could Be Measured
If emotions, feelings, and creativity could be measured on a scale or in ROI terms, PR types would be one happy bunch. It’s the intangible reasons that typically inspire those in the marketing field to do what they do: create copy and images that make their clients or customers happy, sad, curious, fired up – whatever emotion may convince them to buy a product or service. …

Which Super Bowl Ad Will Score Big With You?

The Best and Worst 2017 Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is over and you know what that means… Time to critique the commercials! At $5 million for 30 seconds, we were hoping they’d be engaging, funny, interesting, and/or make us feel something.

Here’s our take on a few… Do you agree with us?
What do our ratings mean?
 We really liked this commercial!
 We thought this commercial missed …

Are billboards still effective?

The Billboard Is Dead… Long Live Social Media Ads!

Headed over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house -(or elsewhere) – for the holidays? Count how many outdoor billboards you pass along the way…

Wait, what billboards? You mean those things off the side of the road you may see when you’re not looking down at your phone or tablet? Yup. Those things.

Is the billboard dead? Not quite, but one thing is for sure – The reach of …


PR Firm GillespieHall Recognized With Four 2016 National Service Industry Advertising Awards

Hockessin, Delaware-based GillespieHall, a PR firm with a focus on digital visibility, won four awards, selected out of over 1,700 agencies and organizations. GillespieHall was recognized with the following:

Gold Award for print advertisement for wealth management firm Capital & Worth’s sponsorship of Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
Silver Award for the design and execution of a digital marketing campaign for a large funeral home group
Bronze Award for program branding …

It's a Race! New Social Media Platforms for Business

It’s a Race! New Social Media Platforms for Business

Since the dawn of social media, marketing has evolved into a whole new world of communication. A billboard on I-95 no longer connects with target audiences. Social media puts brands directly into the hands of consumers, constantly appearing on timelines and digital ads. In a short amount of time, the social media space has gotten overcrowded. A million brand voices are screaming, yelling and pushing for attention! It’s getting …

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