Truth at the heart of PR

Truth Has To Be At The Heart Of PR

By GillespieHall PR Doyens: Bridget Paverd, Tita Cherrier, Karen James

Our public relations discipline is occasionally attacked by folks who are ill equipped to define it.

We teach media relations at prestigious business schools and the first words out of our mouth at the start of each class is consistent: Credibility starts with the truth. Lies and omissions will erode your integrity and destroy your brand. And that’s not easily replaceable.

Anthony D’Angelo, …

GillespieHall Wins Three National Advertising Awards

Delaware PR Firm GillespieHall Honored with Three Gold
National Service Industry Advertising Award

The 15th annual Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) announced this week that the Hockessin, Delaware-based PR firm GillespieHall has won three Gold Awards for its outstanding work in these categories:

Visual Brand Identity Design for the exciting biotech start-up Avkin
Informational Social Media Campaign on fetal alcohol syndrome for Brandywine Counseling and Community …

Social Media Shakeup: The Biggest Updates You Missed This Week

Social Media Shakeup: The Biggest Updates You Missed This Week

Instagram treats Hashtags like humans; lets you follow them:
Instagram this week took an unexpected step in a welcome direction – users are now able to follow their favorite hashtags as if they were users. Now, rather than being required to search for hashtags or follow someone to see their posts, users can follow the hashtags directly. Combined with Instagram’s post-relevancy algorithm, this will put the top posts from hashtags into …

Collateral Damage: How ‘Fake News’ Hurts Us All

If you came anywhere near the media in 2017, you probably heard about fake news. Whether it’s coming from Russia, the Right, the Left, straight down the middle, your grandmom or your neighbor, fake news is hurting us all – especially those of us who like to spruce up our Facebook posts.

What is fake news?

Fake news is a type of misinformation that is typically used to spread hoaxes or propaganda. …

Predicting the Super Bowl’s Biggest Ad-Plays

2018’s Big Game is almost here, bringing with it a joy few will completely understand. Through all the pigskin, hamburgers, chips and cheesesteaks, the Super Bowl brings something bigger than we’d otherwise find on an average Sunday: millions of dollars in brand new advertisements.

But before we kick off, let’s make some predictions:

The Best

Coke – No matter where you go in the world, two things will be known: …

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